Facilities Guide

The Grand Hall

The auditorium for the best sound of the day

The multi-purpose auditorium, which is mainly used for musical performances, has great acoustic quality. The large space surrounded by four-tiered seating creates rich acoustic effect. An orchestra pit and a temporary apron can be installed, thus high quality stage equipment supports variety of stage performances not only classic concerts but also operas, musicals and even the traditional Kabuki performances. MICE can be held as well. The distance between the stage and the last rows is only 30m making the audience feel they are part of stage, while the 54cm width of each seat will provide luxury experience.

Number of seats

  • Total : 1,514seats / Fixed seats : 1,500seats
  • 1st tier : 808seats / When the orchestra pit is installed : 648seats(10 wheelchairs seats, 2 seats in multipurpose room)
  • 2nd tier : 262seats(2 seats in multipurpose room)
  • 3rd tier : 228seats
  • 4th tier : 216seats

Stage dimensions

  • Width : approx.18.2 ~ 21.8m
  • Height : approx.5.4 ~ 15m,
    gridiron Height : approx.31.8m
  • Depth : approx.18.2m

Stage facilities

  • Orchestra pit
  • Sound reflector(corresponding to both large and small orchestra
  • Movable proscenium
  • 31 barrels
  • 3 bridges
  • Sliding stage
  • Temporary hanamichi

Dressing rooms

  • 5 private rooms
  • 3 middle-sized rooms(approx.10 people)
  • 2 large-sized rooms(approx.20 people)