Facilities Guide

Kurumeza Theatre

The theatre with sense of quality and comfort.

The theatre with solid stage equipment. This theatre is suitable for drama, dance and musical concert. This theatre can also house traditional Noh performance by installing side seating called “Waki-kensho”. The box seats “masu-seki” on both sides of the seating on the first floor will provide comfortable observing experience for families or groups.

Number of seats

  • Total : 399seats / Fixed seats : 369seats
  • 1st tier : 317seats
    (2 wheelchairs seats, 30 box seats)
  • 2nd tier : 82seats
    (standing room for 24, 4 seats in the multipurpose room)

Stage dimensions

  • Width : approx.12.7 ~ 16.4m
  • Height : approx.9m, gridiron Height : approx.18.7m
  • Depth : approx.10.9m

Stage facilities

  • Movable floor(stage and part of auditorium)
  • 24 barrels
  • 3 suspension light battens
  • 2 battens(light battens)
  • Temporary Stage for Noh performance

Dressing rooms

  • 2 private rooms
  • 3 middle-sized rooms(approx.10 people)