Facilities Guide

Creative Box

Inside the box is a variable creative space

This multi-space can take variety of shape by changing floor heights. Stage and seating are not fixed and they are variable. It can be used for small theatre performances by blocking the view and the light from outside, while it can also be opened with a view to the streetscape of Meiji-dori street. It is a flexible space that can be used for drama, dance, musical performance, exhibition and rehearsal.

Number of seats

  • 144seats(2 wheelchairs seats)

Stage dimensions

  • As a parquet style : approx.300sqm(approx.11.2m× approx.23.4)
  • Width : approx.10.9m
  • Height : approx.7.2m(under bridge)
  • Depth : approx.9.1m

Stage facilities

  • Movable floor(stage and part of auditorium)
  • 4 fly batons

Dressing rooms

  • 2 middle-sized rooms(approx.10 people)